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In 1998, Mike Russell founded 1st Propane out of necessity and a love for entrepreneurship. After a layoff from his previous job at the paper mill in Snowflake, he experienced an epiphany. Mike realized that there was a distinct lack of locally owned propane suppliers in his community. He then decided to fill that void. With the help of his beloved wife, Kristi, Mike established 1st Propane to address the needs of the people in and around his hometown.



Our family-owned business is located and operated from the White Mountains of Arizona. Mike Russell, the founder of 1st Propane, has lived most of his life in the town of Snowflake, where our business is headquartered.


Because we come from a small rural community, we know how to take care of our own. Our customers know how passionate and dedicated we are when it comes to addressing their needs.

Industries Served

Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch propane solutions for all of our business and residential customers.

Our propane products are essential for agricultural operations, providing reliable energy solutions for farming equipment and facilities.

In the hospitality industry, our propane services ensure a seamless experience for guests, from heating to cooking, and beyond.

1st Propane plays a crucial role in the construction sector, offering propane solutions for heating, drying, and powering equipment on job sites.

For transportation businesses, our propane products offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel alternative for various vehicles and fleets.

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