Why Propane Should Be Your First Choice for Energy Source


Propane is a U.S.-produced product! When you buy propane, you are helping stimulate the American economy and making our nation more self-sufficient as a result.


Did you know that propane is one of the most efficient energy sources in the world? Here are the facts:

  • End users get to use 91% of the energy that propane produces. This means only 9% of it is lost during transportation and production.
  • Electricity is incomparable with propane since end users only get to use 31.5% of the energy that the electricity produces.
  • Of all the energy used to produce electricity, 68.5% of it is lost to transmission, conversion, distribution, and plant use.
  • Of all the electricity used in the U.S., 68.8% of it comes from natural gas, coal, and petroleum products.
  • A mere 10.5% of our nation’s electricity comes from renewable sources. Hydro-electric power plants are responsible for 75% of this electricity.


If you are concerned about the effects of propane on the environment, then allow us to educate you:

  • Propane is not a greenhouse gas. It is both nontoxic and noncorrosive. This makes it truly eco-friendly.

  • When used to power equipment, propane is known to reduce harmful emissions by 40% when compared to gasoline and diesel.

  • Common sources of electricity, such as coal and petroleum, are actually more harmful to the environment than propane.

  • To illustrate the previous point, electric water heaters emit two-and-a-half times more carbon than propane water heaters.


Aside from being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, propane is also quite versatile. Whether you’re using it for a barbecue party in the backyard or as a backup when the power goes out, choose propane! Here’s why it’s so versatile:

  • Propane is easy to transport. This makes it perfect for remote areas that need heating, lighting, and other amenities.

  • It is also used to fuel vehicles. Known as Autogas, propane is one of the most popular alternative fuel sources around the globe.


Most of the information that we cited above came from the Energy Information Administration and the Annual Energy Review (2006). You can learn more about propane by visiting the following websites:

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